My Goals for 2018

New year fireworks time for new goals

My goals for 2017 were realistic and mostly centered around me. In past years I had goals as a parent, blogger, and for myself. However, last year I called myself “focusing on me”, you will read below how well that went. So in this post, I will be giving all three areas for my goals for 2018.

However, before I get into my 2018 goals I just wanted to take a moment and restate what my 2017 goals were.

Goals for 2017

Stand my ground more

Stop explaining myself

Get more tattoos

Be able to spend more time with Noah.

Practice more self-love

Get into grad school

Learn Italian

Before I can really get into my goals for the new year I need to point out my highs and lows so that some of my goals for 2018 make sense.

Let’s start with the lows (because I like to end things on a positive note).

K was murdered in our home – this is like the low of the low. This is something I am psychologically still trying to wrap my head around.

Anxiety – The diagnoses of the anxiety did not bother me so much as trying to live with. I am realizing that any kind of change really messes my anxiety up. Trying to keep focused and not just want to clean, feeling nausea all the time, headaches, and my favorite nightmares.

Moving – I am not one to feel comfortable in a home. It takes me YEARS to feel like something is home and in the almost 6 years I lived in my previous home I only felt like it was home in the last two.

On to the highs of the year which greatly outweigh the lows (thank god)

Got into graduate school – graduate school has been a roller coaster but a testament to my unwilling to back down when I set my mind to something.

Moved – It is nice not having to worry about someone else’s rules, it has been a positive change to have a place that feels like mine.

Switched jobs – This has done wonders not just for my commute time and time I spend with Noah. I get to spend with Noah. I was able to spend the whole two weeks of winter break at

Got two more tattoos – What can I say I love tattoos.

Noah started kindergarten – Proud mom!

Noah learned how to read – Well he is not fully reading but he has learned so much and the school year is not even over yet.

Of my 7 goals for 2017, I completed 5 (as you can see from my highs) the two that I did not complete was self-love and learning Italian.  I strongly believe my inability to put myself first helped in causing my anxiety. So, this is going to be one of my top goals for 2018.

Goals for myself in 2018

Become more mindful

Save money

Less waste

Practice self-love


Get two more tattoos

Goals as a parent in 2018

More mindful parenting (I got a journal for this cannot wait to share)

Get Noah into meditation

Less tablet and YouTube time

Take up an extracurricular activity

computer (blog)

The blog has changed (again) this was due to necessity and not want. I had been talking about starting a single mother forum and I could not do that on blogger, so I had to switch to WordPress. I strongly dislike WordPress but I love my readers, so I made the switch and I am so excited about the forum.

You also may have noticed (or not) there are fewer topics that the blog covers. The biggest topic I have given up is parenting. I have debated over the last two years if I should do that, but after last year I have chosen not to talk about parenting anymore.  Over the last few years, I realized the topics in parenting that catch people’s attention (on my blog) are the ones where I am upset and basically yelling. I am all for positivity and at this point, my positive, general, not blaming and pointing finger post were not getting read.

All the topics I have gotten rid of is so I can focus on the topics my readers have enjoyed. To my surprise, my mental health post have been some of my most popular. Children will still come up in the three topics the blog covers (finances, dating and mental health). I know this is a big change for some who have been reading the blog for years but the topics I am covering I am passionate about, and will not only make it easier to write but be less overwhelming for me.

Goals for the blog in 2018

More giveaways (I have bought so much stuff, so giveaways are coming!)

Post every other week

More social media interaction

Let Noah be apart of the blog more (he has been asking to be on the blog)

Finish both books

Get consistent interaction in the forum.

What are some of your goals for 2018?

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